How is your diploma or transcript different from the real one issued by the school?
Our diploma and transcript will follow the original school’s design. It will have the same looking as the one issued by the school. However, we won’t match the original school/institute’s seal, logo, crest since they hold the copyright and trademark protected. Signatures won’t be the same as well. We will use our in-house signatures to replace that.

What is the payment options?
We accept Credit Card, and Paypal. We don’t take checks, money order, or bank to bank transfer.

How soon can I get my diploma?
Generally speaking it will take less than 12 hours for making a proof. You can check before we print it. For delivery, it will usually take 5-10 business days. Be reminded that we will need to wait your approval before printing, and any change on our draft may delay the process. Delivery to some remote area may take extra days. If you have a tight schedule, we can send by courier like DHL, or FedEx for extra $45.

Will my diploma has any word novelty or specimen on it, and how is the package look like?
What you see from our draft is what you get. We don’t put any sticker or print any words other than that. Our package will not have our company name or indicate that it is from a fake diploma website. The package will be declared it as “document”, “catalogue”, or “poster”.

How do order?
You can select any one of our amazing diploma and degree replication packages and get amazing print quality products. The process is quick and easy, just click on the SHOP menu, select the style you like, and we will ask you for all vital information that needs to be included on your document.

How long does it take?
We value speed service but above all else we value the quality of the finished product. With this in mind, we attempt to get most document orders processed within 24 hours but larger more complex order may take an additional day or two to complete.

How will it cost?
The cost depends on what you are buying. There are many different products and added features you can order so the price can vary greatly. Rest assured you will now exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost before you finalize your order.

How real do your product look?
We can guarantee that our diplomas and degrees will capture the essence of the font layout and design of the original. We use a large database of seals, emblems, signatures and demo documents from actual schools to create your document for you.

Is it legal to buy fake diplomas, transcripts, certificates, etc?
We make no claims to be issuing actual diplomas, degrees, or transcripts and create these documents to be novelty items. We are not an educational or legal company and make no claims for the validity or accuracy of the documents we are called to make. All products made by our company are designed to be used a novelty items.

Do you send proofs for review before shipping?
Yes, we will send you a digital proof that shows you what your document will look like. Once you review ad approve the proof your document will be printed and shipped to you. If you find something you do not like in the proof let us know and we will make it right before we ship out to you.