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Distance Learning

Long Distance Learning – The Easiest Way to Get a Degree

Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said that “with great power, comes great responsibility”. And with the internet?… You have all the power you need when it comes to knowledge.

Arguably one of the best inventions of the century, the internet—at this day and age, is without a doubt a necessity rather than a luxury. We live in the internet age, where getting in touch with family and friends is just a click (or snap) away.

But perhaps one of the most impactful effect of this advancement in technology can be found in the Education sector.

The internet has successfully bridged the gap between education and aspiring learners.

Imagine… just 3 decades ago (and beyond), if you wanted to get a bachelor’s degree at a reputable university, you’d have to travel and settle your VISA and other papers. Getting additional learning and acquiring college degrees was such a pain.

It was a flat out hassle for anyone, when in fact education is a privilege that everyone in the world should enjoy.

The good news? That’s no longer a problem.

Long Distance Learning is the New School

Whoever said that learning happens within the 4 corners of a classroom was wrong. One of the best ways to earn a college degree without hassle is through online courses.

1YE1LLNXGBReputable universities such as Syracuse, Stanford, MIT, among others have opened their doors to eager learners around the globe by offering online courses.
Although these courses can be expensive, it still opens up a world of possibilities for people outside the United States to get the same level of education, as well as the prestige of the degree from their selected university without ever leaving their home country.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

One thing to keep in mind though: taking courses in these reputable universities is definitely not cheap. Fortunately, the thirst for learning will always find a way.

Free Online Diploma Courses

Yes, FREE. And I’m not talking about Google or Wikipedia learning, mind you!

By being resourceful and taking advantage of the vast reach of the internet, you will be able to find free online diploma courses that are just as good as the ones you can get from state universities.

Sure, you might not get the name and perceived “prestige” of the aforementioned schools, but as far as a degree is concerned – you can get one.

Now finding one will be the challenge. Although by being resourceful and persistent, you’ll be able to score a free online diploma course even at reputable schools like Harvard.

The beauty of long distance learning is that the same rules apply. Meaning, scholarships can also be handed out. Of course, not all universities offer it, but with persistence and determination, you can work your way into a scholarship for online degree courses.

Free Distance Learning, More than a Trend

Not all good things are celebrated by everyone; as they say, you can’t please everybody. The same can be said for free distance learning.

There are a lot of naysayers that still throw shade on these online bachelors degree programs. Some say that it’s nothing but a fake college diploma. After all, learning and taking lessons and exams online sounds easy, right?

But you see, the entire world is adapting to technology. Even workers are now on-the-go, working 4 hours a day, or working from home. If this holds true to the professional world, why not with education?

Graduating from online course doesn’t mean it’s a fake university diploma; those lessons and modules are accredited by the same governing body of the actual universities. It’s legitimate, and people should start accepting that.


The future of education is indeed trending towards distance learning. Online modules, webinars, exams… at some point, learners, even the traditional ones, are going to start accepting this.

If you’re interested in long distance learning or cheap online courses, you can get started here.