Can Fake Degrees be found on the internet?

Attending university for years to earn a coveted respectable degree is a luxury not everyone can afford to have.

In retrospect, the amount of money invested in schooling is incomparable to the rewards one may reap after seizing a great corporate job—indeed, the potential is endless.

In an ideal world, everybody earns a degree and gets branded as professionals of the workplace. Meanwhile, the use of fabricated degrees is becoming a widespread phenomenon.

From years of education, a degree can now be earned in just a click of a button.

This gives employers an added incentive to do stricter background checks so as not to fall prey to these prevalent scheme. Despite the risk, numerous employees still resort to the use of fake degrees to open up more doors of opportunities.

Truly, a fake bachelor degree sounds more impressive than none.

But just how easy it is to get a fake degree online?

A regular Google search with the words “fake degree maker” or “fake degree online” will lead you to countless of pages promising authentic-looking, high-grade, and shockingly realistic degrees.

usedAccording to Diploma-mill expert John Bear, the estimated number of counterfeit-diploma Web sites has doubled, to 300, over the past five years—a definite alarming rate.

The use of thermo-graphed printing on an offset printing press, embossed college seals, and replicated signatures make these counterfeit documents as legitimate as the real ones. These make it more of a challenge to employers to spot authenticity of documents through simple eye test.

The promise of confidentiality, convenience of online payment, and express service are just added incentives for people to patronize these products.

In hindsight, every single fake degree makers online poses as legal selling companies designed to provide phony credentials for novelty purposes. Purportedly, verification services for these fake degrees are also available online. While this sounds too good to be true, a number of online users fall prey to this supposedly value-added service.

Usually, the information needed from the requestor are simply the name of the university and type and level of degree needed. Rush services are as quick as 24 hours while the usual turnaround lasts up to two weeks. A wide range of payment option is also available for the buyer.

And as more employers are set on hiring employees with college degrees, more and more people resort to the pocket-friendly way to secure a spot in the volatile workforce. Even the Universities have expressed heightened concern regarding the use of these phony documents as they continuously seek the assistance of legal counsel and find ways to trace the selling companies hiding behind anonymous offshore addresses.

Although some employers are hiring private-investigation firms to do background checks, most of them still fail in this regard as they continue to turn a blind eye to such common malpractice.

While fraud laws make misrepresentation of oneself—even just through the use of fake credentials—a criminal offense, the boldness of selling companies and buyers alike stem from the belief that almost everyone is doing it.