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    We stand behind our products and service with confidence! That is why we issue a 30 Days Reprint or Money Back Guarantee!

    Besides, every customers will receive a draft before we print it!

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    Sometimes you just need credentials without strings attached. For a high quality, custom novelty diploma, Diploma Outlet is the perfect choice! Not only will we help you find the right fake diploma for your needs, we get our diplomas custom-printed and delivered fast!

    Diploma Outlet specializes in creating believable credentials that would stand up to even the closest scrutiny. We pay attention to the little details: design, lettering, paper quality and more.


    can be designed to mirror authentic certificates offered by the most popular universities with remarkable accuracy. The lettering, seals, and card stock are all carefully selected to create a perfect replica.

    Lost your diploma? Your school or institution can charge an arm and a leg for a replacement that can take weeks or even months to arrive. Skip the wait and the high price with a fake diploma from Diploma Outlet.


    Let Diploma Outlet help you protect your original diplomas from fire, theft, and sun damage. By creating a replica degree for display, you can ensure that your real document is stored away safe while still proudly showcasing your education and skills. Unlike our competitors, our fake diplomas are perfect for framing.

    Whether you are looking for a fake high school diploma, fake college degree, or a fake certificate of completion, Diploma Outlet can help. We can recreate any kind of diploma with a single photo or scanned image for reference.

    Need a fake high school diploma but don’t have any idea how it should look? We can create a custom diploma complete with a seal and other pertinent info, giving your diploma an authenticity that most other fake diploma sites cannot offer. Simply provide the school details and your name and we can do the rest!

  • A Class In Itself

    The seal on a diploma is a crucial design element that makes the document feel incredibly prestigious. Diploma Outlet can recreate the seal of nearly any institution, including embossed seals and metallic foil seals that other providers cannot create.

    Why settle for an inferior product that will often be riddled with typos and errors, giving away it’s novelty with a single glance? We offer a guarantee that you will love your diploma or your money back.

    If you need an even more realistic experience, Diploma Outlet also creates novelty transcripts. Create the high school or college career you always wanted with a fake transcript that is so realistic it could fool even the most astute observers.

    Our fake transcripts are printed on special blue security paper that is exclusive to transcripts of higher institutions. They have features that include a warning border, watermark, and anti-copying technology.

    By combining a realistic novelty diploma with a top notch set of transcripts from Diploma Outlet, you get the closest thing to real that money can buy.

    You order and we deliver. It’s that simple!


Different Styles of Typography


Custom made to meet your requests.


Style & Effect of your choice!


Any type of seal/emblem.


Best in house signatures

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We ship worldwide with the courier of your choice. FedEX, UPS, DHL…. etc.

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